propagating a meme... vote no on 8!

Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.

(Or more importantly... I want everyone to have the right to marry...)

I'm going to be on (internet) TV!

So if you're bored and need more web-surfing fun, I'm going to be on Dave Navarro's Spread Entertainment (a cool alternative internet talk show) tomorrow (8 eastern, 5 pacific, 2 hawaii):

doing the typical (fire, bellydance, and talking astronomy.) Don't worry too much about the air times... it's the internet, so you just click and watch.
Check it out!
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sky, cerro tololo observatory

Tonight's my final night at the 4m here at Cerro Tololo Observatory.
Getting data is exciting; the actual process of data taking seldom is. Most of the time it goes something like this:

1) press button to run script
2) check that images don't look totally horrible
3) press button to run script again

Suffice to say, it's depressingly easy to get stuck in the control room all night.

So, every time I go observing I try to do two things:

1) get into the dome at least once and see the telescope
2) go outside at least once long enough to dark adapt and really do some stargazing

I just slipped out for a bit to see the sky. I have to say the southern sky has the northern sky beat hands down in terms of sheer beauty. Right now, the moon has set and the galactic center is up. I stepped outside and couldn't see anything for a brief moment. Then the first thing I saw was the Milky Way. It's so dark here that you don't even need to dark adapt to see it. You can see so much structure in the Milky Way -- the coalsack nebula (a big dark cloud that just looks like a hole in the galaxy), dust lanes. I want to say it looks like jewels, or candles in the night... but in some ways that lessens the beauty and enormity of what it is. Sometimes it's lovely just to look out and be able to say "I live in a spiral galaxy. Isn't that awesome?" It is very visceral and fulfilling to now and then actually physically see what it is I study, not just stare at an image file on the computer. I feel very grateful right now.
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Hey East Coast people -- I'm performing in Boston, 3/1/08!

I'm really excited to be performing with Walter Sicker and the Army of Broken Toys (not to mention a whole gaggle of other amazing performers, from burlesque poetesses to hula hoopers to ... well, come out and see if you're curious). Don't miss this one (if you're within 1000 miles)!

Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys

Contact: Edrie

Carnal Carnival
Saturday March 1st
The Amazing Firehouse
160 Hollis St
Framingham, MA 01702

Advanced Tickets Strongly Suggested

508-405-ARTS (2787)
$15 (Stu/Sen $14, Mem $12)
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I'm spinning fire on the History Channel Tues., Nov. 27th!!!

Hi everyone --

I'm doing my first "scientific talking head" TV appearance! Well, that and I get to spin fire too (it all makes sense in the show.) So catch the first episode ("Alien Planets") of the second season of "The Universe" (bet you can't guess what this show is about...) Tuesday Nov. 27th, 9/8 central on the History Channel. Hopefully I don't look like a total goober... ;-)

More info at:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Beth ;-)
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this is just to say

I already used up my internet time, so I don't have time to write much.

Except, now we have furniture. Real furniture, not from the used furniture store or left over from the 1970's.

That, and computers really shouldn't be run at 94.4F. I don't think we're coming back to this internet cafe soon.

Will write more stuff later. Miss you all!
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